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Interview with Bree Pierce, author of Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2)

Bree Pierce grew up in a very small, rural area in Arkansas. Writing has always been a big part of her life and becoming a published author is a dream that was finally realized. Want to learn more? Check out the mini interview!

Bree published her first story The Twisted Destinies Series Book 1: Balloons in the Yard in January 2015. She's been churning out short stories and novellas ever since, and has a total of 24 titles out, the most recent of which is Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2)

Storm Chase: Tell me about Absolution. What did you love most about this story?
Bree Pierce: I liked the challenge of taking an easily hated character from book 1 and morphing him into a great leader. Building his story was heart-wrenching and difficult, but I liked the challenge it presented. I feel like Bartholomew went from being an average villain to a unique hero. And a reluctant leader, in some ways. All of it adds to his character.

Storm Chase: Who is your favourite fiction character and why?  Bree Pierce: Elizabeth Bennett hands down.  She's a strong, heroic character who ends up realizing that her presumptions about other characters in the book were quite wrong in some cases.  I feel like perhaps both main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, had a bit of pride and prejudice within them, but their views were changed as their relationship progressed.  It's a wonderful love story with the idea that people are not always as they appear, and first appearances can be quite deceiving.

Storm Chase: What do you hope to achieve in terms of your writing career? Bree Pierce: I think I want what most writers want: a captive audience and a place on the best seller list.

Storm Chase: Author to Author: Give us a tip about finding, managing and connecting with reviewers!
Bree Pierce: This is a topic I am still attempting to learn more about and spread my own wings in.  It can be rather difficult to find reviewers.  As a reader, I understand not always wanting to review a book.  I read and review books for my blog when I can, as well as write my own.  

Since I have seen from both stand points, I can tell you that I tend to read something I think I would be interested in, that I would have time to review ( long books are much more difficult for me), and it helps if I have already established a repertoire with the author or PA.  Being courteous goes a long way in the businesss of getting reviewers as well.  Coming off as brash does little to help.  Be patient, be kind, and hope for the best, but expect that you will not receive as many reviews as what were sent out. 
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A little about C. Kindler

I have lived in Wisconsin for 23 years. I was born and raised in Arlington Hts., Illinois. I am a single mother of three children. I spent most of my life working and caring for my children. After, the youngest one graduated from school, I gave thought to writing a book. I was always told that I had a wild imagination, so, I decided to put it to good use. I absolutely love to read, and surround myself with books. I especially love to read adventure thrillers.

C. Kindler has authored three children’s books, The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: New Beginnings, The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: The Hermit and The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear: Revenge of the Widow. Books 1 and 2 each won second place in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

Genre: Children's

When Biker Frog rides up to the pond he calls home on his self-built solar-powered motorcycle, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. After showing the motorcycle off to his friends at the pond, he takes off on a new journey. Shortly, into the journey, he sees a magnificent, black deer with glistening gold antlers and hooves blocking the road. He serves to miss the deer causing him to lose control and crash. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a magical land of different times. There he meets the brave Lady White Bear, who has mistaken him for a powerful warrior. His motorcycle is believed to be a magical beast created by a spell. Soon, Biker Frog will find himself in the adventures of a lifetime, along with Lady White Bear. There is magic, danger, and new adventures throughout the land, and the two will gather friends from all parts of the land.

Biker Frog is happy about his decision to stay at the castle. He and his solar-powered motorcycle, the Beast, are ready to help Lady White Bear in any way they can. As a royal knight, it is Biker Frog’s duty. As Lady White Bear’s friend, it is an honor to help.

Despite the peace in the land, Biker Frog and Lady White Bear stumble upon a big mystery when they find King Tae captured in a web in the Crooked Tree Forest. Samoen, a fifteen-foot-tall black widow spider, has imprisoned him. To stop Samoen’s rampage and save the kingdom, Biker Frog and Lady White Bear will have to find a sorceress and raise an army!

Biker Frog is a long way from his old frog pond. In his previous adventures, he has traveled to the land of Notellis and met the brave Lady White Bear and her father, King Dannis. Biker Frog and Lady White Bear have saved Notellis twice from danger and disaster. Their latest adventure will take them out of Castle Bearmor and into the Witchlok Mountains.

Biker Frog, now Sir Biker Frog, thanks to King Dannis, has taken Lady White Bear and their friends Gomer and Henry to shop in a local village. It is there that they first hear the legend of a mysterious hermit. It immediately captures Lady White Bear’s imagination, and she insists that the group venture into the mountains to find the hermit’s cave.

Biker Frog realizes that Lady White Bear wants to trick King Dannis so he won’t worry about her. He reluctantly goes along with the plan, but both will find out that their quest is a lot more dangerous than they had imagined. Will the four friends get out of the mountains alive, or will the hermit prove to be too strong a foe?

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Bearing it all by TL Reeve Release Blitz

  Emma Monte has three really big secrets. One, she’s the guardian of her little sister Cassidy. Two, she loves everything 80’s inspired and three, she’s throwing the biggest wedding she can for her friends—okay, so maybe the second isn’t really a secret. When she’s invited to spend spring break with Hayden and her family in Window Rock, Arizona, all of her secrets will be revealed. Bodhi Raferty has been biding his time. He knows the little bear is his mate, but he’s willing to wait—if it means spending more time with her. When the opportunity arises to go home, he ready to take that final step and claim Emma for his own. However, his mate is hiding something huge. The only question is, can he help her pull it off? Bodhi and Emma aren’t the only ones in for a surprise. As the week’s events unfold, there is a pair of Rafertys ready to be introduced, and they have the ability to upstage them all.
Bearing It Now is available HERE TODAY!
TSU (Turnskin University)

TL Reeve, a bestselling, multi-published author was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in Alabama, TL misses Los Angeles, and will one-day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie. Michele Ryan is an author with Decadent and After Glows Publishing. She embraced her creative passion and co-authored several books with fellow author TL Reeve. Michele has also published two solo novellas. Michele is a lifelong resident of the state of New Jersey, along with her husband and three children, whom she refers to as her hobbits. When Michele is not plotting or writing, she can be found either volunteering at her children’s school or reading.
TL Reeve
Michele Ryan
Combined sites

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Finding Your Own happily Ever After by Ellen Whyte

FALLING IN LOVE IS TERRIFIC, isn't it? Like bungee jumping with a bottle of laughing gas thrown in. But falling for someone doesn't always translate into the deep kind of love that lasts forever.

I look at love from different perspectives: from my own life, as a counselling psychologist (my day job), and as a novelist (my other day job). In other words, I think about love a lot!

Speaking for myself, I've been best friends with Tom, my husband, for over 25 years, and our 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up next month. I'm touching wood to ward off ill luck as I say this, but I think daily happiness is boosted by continuing your dating habits into married life. (If you want to check out that train of thought, check out my psychology page post)

But there's more to keeping the fires burning than that, isn't there? We can fall in love in an instant and then later discover there just isn't the foundation for a lasting loving relationship.

My perspective is that the basis comes from sharing the same worldview.

Like Sophie and Richard in His Laughing Girl come from wildly different backgrounds but if you look closer, they are very much alike. Sophie and Richard both work hard and have lots of pride in their jobs because they feel their careers are a big part of their identity. They acknowledge this and they support each other.

For Richard and Sophie, work ethic is attractive but it wouldn’t sit so well with someone who is disinterested in career success. In fact, that's what caused so much trouble when ever busy Quique in Dirty Dealings married Tina whose idea of a good time is doing nothing.

I think that when you both have the same attitudes to how life works, you tend to tackle things the same way. And that is what I think is the basis for the successful Happily Ever After.

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And if you want to chat, email me by hitting reply or visit me on my Facebook page.

Hugs, Ellen
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Pre-Order: Sherwood Rogue By Kristi Cramer


Check out the blurb for Kristi Cramer’s upcoming YA, time travel, adventure novel, Sherwood Rogue. This will be the first novel in the Fickle Universe series.

B&N, #Kobo and #iBooks preorder option to come
As a child, I didn’t have imaginary tea parties.

I was an outlaw fighting alongside the greatest rogue in Sherwood Forest, the notorious Robin Hood.
The stories kept me sane when I had no control.

They freed me from a bleak existence of abuse and neglect.

If life taught me anything, it was that living was hard, and only the dreams you made happen came true.
At nineteen, living at my uncle’s cabin in the Oregon Cascades, my life was anything but the fantasies of my childhood.

I was free, but I was alone. I was surviving.

Until I hiked into the mountains and carelessly challenged the universe to notice me.

A door made of white light appeared in front of me, compelling me to step through. How was I supposed to know one step would change my life forever, in the most unexpected of ways?

I took it. I stepped through.

Into the greatest trials, both physical and emotional, I’d ever face—into another time and unknown world that would test my strength to my core.

I would fight…

I would kill…

I would love...

Most of all, I would live.

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Hot New Release ~ Natavia Presents, "Sins of a Housewife" by Monica L Smith

New Release ~ Natavia Presents, "Sins of a Housewife" by Monica L Smith

Available Now ----->

Book review by, I Heart AA book Reviews.

Wow! Was the first word that came to mind when reading Sins of a Housewife. This story from start to finish was like a sizzling spark that soon erupted in burning hot flames. Bored housewife Adele has finally waved the white flag of defeat concerning getting any excitement from her workaholic husband Louis. After years of being married to the love of her life it is no secret between the two that the sexual desire they once shared has fizzled out... at least from Louis's end. So after accepting an invitation by a close friend to a private escort service, Adele finds herself experiencing more pleasure than she could have ever imagined but will it cost her losing her marriage or finding herself?

Coming from someone who has read a lot of erotica novels, Sins of a Housewife is definitely in my top 5 of greatest sex capades.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lace Masquerade M/M Erotic Short Box Set by Nanea Knott

Lace Masquerade M/M Erotic Short Box Set
#mmerotica #sexyvictorians #norules
Free in Kindle Unlimited

The Lace Masquerade is on, and secret desires are revealed.

The gentlemen are not limiting their sexual desires to the ladies attending the event. They are quenching their desires with each other.

The box set includes all four M/M stories of the Lace Masquerade
Silver Lining
Red Obsession
Shades of Purple
Fade To Black

It also includes three bonus stories:
Silver Lining (1st person perspective)
Shade of Purple (1st person perspective
Purple Fantasy (M/M/M)

Engage, indulge and revel in the passion of the men at the Lace Masquerade.

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Pre-order One Night In Inverness by Charlotte Howard

Series: City Nights, #34
Author: Charlotte Howard
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Price: $2.99

Released: March 2018
ISBN: 9781370818914
ASIN: B079J5K752
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook

In order to save their marriage, Des and Frankie decide to mix business with pleasure when they attend a literary festival in Inverness. But once they arrive, Frankie soon discovers Des's long-kept secret, and has left her questioning whether she can ever trust him again. Des isn’t the only one with secrets, and Frankie wonders if it's all worth the heartache. As the night wears on, they are both forced to face the truth about their marriage.

Can Frankie accept the truth about Des?
Can Des forgive Frankie's past?
Can one night in Inverness fix their marriage?

The sound of my husband swearing snapped me out of the mouth-watering daydream, and back into the dullness of reality. I put my book, and the sinfully delicious Nathan Mathers contained within its pages, down on the hotel bed and glared at him. “What’s happened?” I asked, trying to sound concerned and not irritated that he had ruined my fantasy. “They want Roberta Hathaway to attend the festival,” he said, pacing the room and running his hands over his head, raking his fingers through his light brown hair, which was in desperate need of a trim, I noticed. I’d started doing that – picking up on little things about him that grated on my nerves. I gave myself a mental chastising. This was supposed to be a weekend for us to rekindle our long-lost spark. And it hadn’t been that long, after all. Some couples go years without sex. What were a few months? My stomach knotted as unwanted memories began to swim towards the surface of a very deep lake.

I grazed my teeth along my bottom lip and glanced down at the name on the cover of the book I’d been reading. “Is that a problem?”
I was secretly giddy at the prospect of finally meeting my favourite author, and didn’t understand why he was so stressed. Roberta Hathaway was a prolific, and best selling, erotic romance author. She’d achieved the top spot on numerous sought-after lists. The Sunday Times, New York Times, USA Today, Amazon… They all raved about her novels. But she was also famously reclusive.
In the ten years that Des’s company had represented her, she had never once attended a signing, festival, or book launch, leaving all the publicity down to him and his business partner, Peggy. In fact, the only time anyone saw her was when they looked at the rather dated black and white photo on the back of her books. My husband had been her agent for a decade, and I’d never met her. The idea of her finally attending a literary festival was immense! I mentally played out the conversations I’d have on the playground when the other mums found out that I had met Roberta Hathaway. They’d be insanely jealous.

I’d first discovered her through Des a few years earlier, when he’d handed me a copy of her first novel Sinfully Yours to glance over. He’d called it an Advanced Reading Copy. It hadn’t even had a front cover then, and was full of typos. It had been a good read, but hadn’t really been my thing at the time. I’d glanced over it, more than read it. Before Roberta, the most erotic thing I’d ever read was an old Jilly Cooper novel, tucked away and gathering dust in the school library when I was a teenager. It had felt naughty at the time – I was sure it had been put there by mistake. Probably a prank by one of the sixth formers. When I look back, I realise how tame it was in comparison to what I read now. Especially when compared to Roberta Hathaway. She had certainly improved since that first book I’d scanned all those years ago.

“Think of the publicity,” I said, trying to keep my tone smooth and unexcited, although I suspect he heard the eagerness seeping through my words. I wondered if that made me a sad and lonely desperate housewife. I spent my free hours lost in so-called Mummy porn, supposedly written and designed for women whose sex lives were lacklustre and boring.

Des ignored me, as he always did when I dared to make a suggestion regarding his business, and picked up his mobile. He pressed a button and held it to his ear. “Peggy? Did you get the email? Shit… Yeah, I know… I know. What the hell is she playing at? How the hell does she expect us to pull that off with no notice whatsoever?” He cast a glance at me before checking his watch. “Half an hour? Yeah, I could do that.” He hung up. “I’m really sorry, hon, but I have to go and meet with Peggy to sort this shit-storm out. Get yourself some room service or something, and I’ll make it up to you another day. I promise.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead – more action than I’d had in weeks.

I clucked my tongue and frowned. Our trip to Inverness was supposed to combine business with pleasure; a book festival for Des to mingle at, sell some of Roberta’s new books, and make new contacts, and a dirty weekend away for the both of us to try and relight a flame that had been long extinguished. It was the first time we’d had more than a day to ourselves since our eldest son had been born, almost twelve years ago. And now I was being abandoned, yet again, so that he could go and discuss my favourite author with his business partner. So much for stoking dwindling fires. The guilt of a certain dalliance started to feel unwarranted, and the suspicions I’d been flirting with began to stain my vision once more.

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Pre-Order Quench by Nanea Knott

Quench by Nanea Knott
Available on 3/22
#lightBDSM #hotromance #freeinKU

Who says fire can’t be tamed?

Sarina Boyd has fire in her soul. The fire within her leaves her feeling empty, abandoned and ever burning. Her life is nothing but a smoke covered existence as she lives life with no meaning. A random trip to the grocery store changes everything. 

A man wearing a whip over his shoulders captures her attention. In her world of gray nothingness, he is glitter. His name is Javier Raya and one look from him brought the fire inside her down to smoldering embers. He’s funny, smart and sexy. He’s also into Kink.

Neither of them are sure it can work out for them. She might be too vanilla, his needs might be more than she can handle. Sarina has to try because she can’t give him up. Javier is the only one who can bring her peace.
Turn up the heat as Sarina and Javier fulfill their deepest desires in Quench.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Love, Laughter, and Lots of Dogs - a Pawsome Romance by Ellen Whyte

💕💕Love, Laughter, and Lots of Dogs💕💕
A Pawsome Romance by Ellen Whyte

Kelly Taylor’s homemade pet treat business is taking off. Even better, utterly yummy Lord Cory Winthrop, the man she had a teenage crush on, asks her out for dinner.

Back on a lightning visit home, Cory Winthrop runs into his childhood friend, Kelly. Captivated by her happy nature, he becomes determined to win her heart.

However, finding true love is never easy. Kelly worries she may not fit into Cory’s spectacularly glamorous lifestyle. To complicate matters, Cory’s banking career is at a crossroads, and his evil ex is about to come rocketing back into his life.

Will Cory and Kelly be able to overcome their difficulties and live happily ever after?

A warm, light-hearted small town romance with a curvy girl and a very hunky billionaire banker. Featuring Hamish, the adorable rescue puppy.

Love, Laughter, and Lots of Dogs
A standalone novel
Pre-Order Special $1.99 (33% Discount!)
 Regular Price: $2.99